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Deola Durodola

Adeola Durodola is a dynamic development professional and gender expert with about a decade of professional experience and an impressive eighteen years of informal work (since age 13) across varied development and humanitarian themes including gender, adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health, adolescent and youth mentoring, ICT integration, telemedicine/telehealth for marginalized communities, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons, human rights, education, HIV-prevention, care and treatment, family planning, health systems strengthening, women empowerment, community engagement and organizational and individual capacity development.

‘Deola has worked on various community projects funded by development partners such as UKAID, USAID, UNFPA, MacArthur Foundation, Cherie Blair Foundation UK, Computer Aid International UK, Unilever, Sahara Group, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of Youth and Social Development among many others.

Deola holds a Masters Degree in Sociology and has gained professional trainings and certifications including Project Management for Development Professionals (PMDPro).