Millions of Nigerians are unable to access quality education or healthcare and cannot afford a decent living. Knowing this, businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals and the government have invested extensively in social development, but problems persist. A primary reason why this is so is because our social sectors are program-rich, but system poor. Though several organizations work on solving the complex issues in these sectors, they often do so in isolation leading to diffused effort and limited impact.

We work as a backbone organization for social change.

To bridge this gap, United Way Greater Nigeria serves as a backbone organization for social change. We facilitate outcome-focused cross-sector coordination, bringing together businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations to deliver measurable, meaningful changes for low and lower-middle income Nigerians. We also partner with companies to help them realize their employee-engagement efforts and achieve their social responsibility goals. We are committed to facilitating sustainable social development for educated, empowered Nigerians who are able to make positive health choices and attain financial independence.
Facilitate: We provide evidence-based, data driven avenues for cross-sector partnership.
Advocate: We speak up for, support and showcase outcome-focused policies and approaches to solving social problems
Connect: We connect leaders & communities and forge partnerships for lasting, measurable solutions to social problems.
Empower: We provide tools, knowledge & support for outcome-focused programs, initiatives and partnerships