Duration: August - October 2021
Venue: Virtual Classes

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    if YES, indicate:

    Indicate your proficiency level of computer skills.
    I don't know how to use a computerI can use the mouse and trackpad and type out sentencesI can navigate the computer to use the internet and send emailsI can navigate computer applications to create projects such as documents and spreadsheets, and I am able to navigate the internet as wellI can carry out advanced computing and programming projects using the computer

    Indicate your proficiency level of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel & Powerpoint).
    I have no knowledge of these applicationsI can perform basic tasks such as producing reports, inputing data and creating simple presentationsI can create and use table data, import and insert graphs, work with multiple worksheets and charts, and work with graphics and animationI can prepare complex documents that utilize special elements, automate some operations, manipulate and analyze data, and build interactive presentations

    Indicate your proficiency level of social media and digital marketing.
    I know some social media platforms but I don't use themI am aware of various social media platforms and can create posts and navigate the platformsI create posts on social media using the various filters and tools for each platform and I also know how to create sponsored adsI am cognizant of digital tools and which features are best suited for individual platforms, I understand my target audience and create posts that align with them and tailor sponsored ads to maximize its reach

    Indicate your proficiency level of graphic design applications (Canva, Photoshop e.t.c).
    I don't know much about graphic design or how to use these toolsI can manipulates texts and images for simple flyers or presentationsI utilize and manipulate tools or add-in features to create images or presentationsI utilize and manipulate various tools and animations, use effective information design like highlighting, layering and utilize social/political messages to create a project