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The most powerful way to make impact is to give your finances towards the advancement of social change.

  • Out-of-School Children : 11.3 million (world’s highest)
  • Infrastructure Deficit : 40% Primary classroom space available
  • Literacy Levels After Grade : 4, 60% of students cannot read
  • Mortality Under-5 mortality : 4X global average
  • Life expectancy : below 60
  • Medical Experts : 4 doctors to 10,000 people (15% of need)
  • Infrastructure : 12 beds per 10,000 people
  • Poverty : 87 million Nigerians in poverty


United Way Greater Nigeria is facilitating change in Education, Health and Financial stability for every Nigerian community. We can improve more lives with you! Lend you voice for change and we can expand our reach and build a sustainable Nigeria.

Become a United Way Greater Nigeria Advocate!

Our advocates engage with their offline and online communities and educate them on social issues. We will provide you with content to share with your audience and you will also get the opportunity to participate in several discussions with other passionate people.


Your time and expertise contribute to the successful implementation of initiatives and programs that deliver measurable and meaningful changes for Nigerians in education, health and financial stability.

Thank you for volunteering with us!

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United Way Greater Nigeria serves as a backbone organization for social change. We facilitate outcome-focused cross-sector coordination, bringing together businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations to deliver measurable, meaningful changes for low and lower-middle income Nigerians. We also partner with companies to help them realize their employee engagement efforts and achieve their social responsibility goals.